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1 December


Hey peeps,
it’s been a long time coming but geez are we pleased to finally be able to share this with you.

Tundra Music Collective is a project initiated by Ritchie and inspired by the album Red Hot + Riot, a great Fela Kuti tribute put together by soul/rap/afro heavy hitters.

Rawk On is the project’s first single.

It features spits by Karma AtchykahJesse Maxwell & Waahli Yussef.
Frank Bones hit the drums & Andre Desilets played all horns.
Ritchie played the rest and Franky Selector sprinkled his magic all over recording/mixing.

It took the time it took to brew in the brewpot, but we think you’ll dig it.
And actually maybe the timing couldn’t be better for socially relevant music, considering the eco-political challenges that we are living through in these late 2010’s? We’ll let you be the judge of that…

Nevertheless, we wanna thank you for listening in, and reading this note, and reading and absorbing the lyrics. Spread the love if you feel it. More TMC to come in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled.

#begood #rawkon

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